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In CARWISE.ae, we have experience in the automotive market and therefore, helping anyone to sell their car right here in UAE is something that makes us an easy task.

Selling a used car is not the easiest task in these times, especially because many people consider that cars are a hobby or are always looking to be fashionable and therefore, your used car goes unnoticed. This means that if you find yourself selling your car in Dubai then you will have to deal with people who will waste your time making appointments that do not materialize, or if they do happen, they usually change their mind or go without any intention of buying in first place.

Then, below we will give you a series of tips and tips that can be useful at the moment of wanting to sell your used car in UAE.

  • You can choose to sell your car privately; however, this is very expensive in several ways. You must pay to locate it in sales sites and you must also make appointments and take calls with people who probably do not buy your car.
  • You can choose to use a car dealer; they are usually a good option in case you do not fear too much time. However, they have a reputation for cheating sellers who do not know the true value of their cars and who are not familiar with the process of buying and selling a car used in UAE.
  • So you do not let yourself be fooled, it is best to know how to calculate the price of your car. This takes place through a small investigation that starts by taking a look at the market and seeing at what prices other people have sold the same car. Then you can make a calculation of the price, obtaining an approximate figure calculating the depreciation.
    The second time your new car is expelled from the lot you left, then it depreciates approximately 20% of the price at which you paid it. Then, in the next 3 years or so, you can expect an average of 15% depreciation per year.
  • But the best advice we can give you is that you make use of our services, we buy your car and we will save you all kinds of effort, calculations and search for buyers and we will also offer you the best prices. Don´t doubt about contacting us and asking for our help.