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 How to maintain the exterior of a car

How to maintain the exterior of a car

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 How to maintain the exterior of my car

If your car is your pride and you are finicky about how the exterior should look like, then we are sure that you must be typical about its exterior maintenance too. After all, a well-maintained car speaks a thousand words about the owner too. A well-maintained car always looks like a brand new and everyone loves to hear compliments about a pitch-perfect looking car.
Some people are literally obsessed with their cars. They are particular about car parking space, making sure that their car remains safe when someone opens the door of the car next to theirs.

So, if you are one of them and you want to be 100% sure about your car’s exterior and want it to look as good as a brand new, then this article is just for you. There will always be some moments where your car’s exterior will be compromised, not because of your fault, but maybe because of someone else and even because of dramatic weather condition. 
You can’t really escape accidents, no matter how careful you are. But you can certainly maintain your car’s exterior. So, let’s get to know about some ways of car exterior maintenance. 

  • Clean the exterior of the car

Don’t let dust, debris, grime, and dirt sit on the surface of your car for a longer duration. The longer it stays the harder it will become for you to remove it. Don’t let these external factors damage the exterior of your car. Maintain car’s exterior by cleaning it thoroughly. We will recommend you to visit a reliable car washing centre and ensure that the professionals are using high-quality car wash products only. 
Cheap products can harm the car exterior. Talk to them and ask what kind of products they are going to use and be concerned about it. In fact, you can also do your bit of research and know about the best car wash products. Detergents are a big no! Even if you plan to wash your car on your own, never use detergents! Detergents are harmful, they can take away your car’s wax and can even cause stains. 
Another thing to use is a plush sponge. They are soft and delicate. Use wash mitts to effectively clean your car’s exterior. Always opt for soft material while washing your car. Something which will not harm the exterior of the car.   

  •  Rinse your car first 

Before you start the cleaning process, ensure that you are rinsing your car thoroughly. When you rinse your car, it removes most of the hard external elements, for instance, it removes debris and dust. Make sure to rinse and then start the cleaning process.
Along with it, ensure that you are also rinsing the car tires along with the wheels. It is the tire which runs on the road. Don’t leave the dust on your wheels go unnoticed. Clean them and rinse them thoroughly. 


  • Dry your car- Never forget 

Often people let the washed car sit just like that. Water can leave water spots behind. Use a soft cloth and chamois to dry your car. Never use dirty cloth. You never know how dirty that piece of cloth is. Choose a soft fabric that will not harm your car’s exterior. Dry it. Don’t leave it. No one likes a car with weird water spots all over the surface!

  • Got bird pop on your car, wash it right away! 

Birds are always free. No matter how far you keep your car away from a tree, they will find a way to happily pop on end number of cars. Well, this is an unavoidable circumstance and we can’t really do anything about it. Readers may note that bird droppings contain a lot of acids. In case if the car standing right under the sunlight and there is some bird dropping, then we will advise you to take it for a car wash. Since bird dripping has acid, it can damage your car’s paint big time! The longer the bird dropping stays on the car, the more the chances of your car paint to get compromised. 

  • Do wash your car regularly, no matter what season it is

Some people do wash their car less during winters. And we still don’t understand why! What does weather have to do with not washing your car? You might feel that washing a car is not necessary because it is going to get dirty again! Well, true, it will, and that’s why you should wash your car regularly. Not the other way around! 
Remember, leaving your car just like that with lots of dust and debris on it means damaging the car’s exterior. Take responsibility for your car and save it from further damage.

  • Waxing is a good way to keep the exterior protected 

Alright, so the next thing to do is waxing. Our recommendation to go for car waxing in every 3 or 4 months. Wax is an extra layer of your car and keeps your car protected from corrosion and it blocks water from seeping into the car and finally leave imprints of scratches. 
Be mindful before purchasing the wax. Ensure that it is non-abrasive. Use a sponge or a soft fabric to use wax all over the car’s exterior. Avoid using them on the rubber parts and also on the plastic parts. 

  • Better to have a roof for your car

Don’t let your beloved car to sit outside all the time. We do agree that finding the right parking spot could be challenging for you, but if you have a garage in your home, then it’s better to use it for parking. 
It’s a fact the lesser time your car remains safe and protected from the environment. Plus sun rays emit UV rays, why would you want anything to happen to your car right? So, get a roof for your car and keep it away from deadly sunlight.

  • Fixing scratches and chips 

Don’t leave scratches behind as well. Scratches don’t look good on a pretty car. Cover small chips and scratches as soon as you see them. Touch-up paints are easily available in the market. Buy the exactly same colour touch-up paint to avoid miss-match. You can visit the nearby shop or a car dealer to grab a good quality touch-up paint. 
Do match the touch-up paint colour with your car’s paint carefully. Read the label first, see if it resembles your car’s paint. Use a toothpick, dip it into the paint and paint only on the areas with need touch-up and not on all over the car. 

  • Go for polishing as well 

If you are thinking that car polishing and car waxing are the same things, then you are wrong. They are not the same. Polishing isn’t an extra layer. It simply polishing your car and removing minor scratches and imperfections, swirl marks, etc. 
Polishing is beneficial to hide scratch marks on the car and also to prevent serious car’s exterior issues. Go for premium quality car polishing work. The better thing to do would be to visit a reliable car-body shop and get it done there. These people are experts and have years of handling car polishing. They know exactly how much polishing is required and where. 
After car polishing is done, the car wash is mandatory. Professionals will know that. You can rely on them. 

  • Try not to park your car in high-traffic areas 

High-traffic areas are always jam-packed. You never know who will run through your car causing damages. Although, we do understand that sometimes you run into an emergency and you park your car just like that. But on a good day, choose an area which has less public vehicles and people. Avoid parking near the children’s park. Children have a bad habit of throwing stones on cars without any reason and scratch them just for fun. Yes, that can happen. 
Park your car somewhere away, it’s okay to walk a bit if you have to. Car maintenance is costly and walking is good for your health

  • Frequently wash your car

Lastly, you have got to wash your car frequently. Car washing is necessary for your car. Read the first point again if you haven’t released its importance yet. Your car needs washing as much as you do. Your car gets dirty too, even during winters. Don’t leave it unattended. 
Visit your local car wash shop to wash it, or wash it on your own, but do wash it. You might not feel like washing your car during winters, but car wash centres remain open throughout the year. Give it to them and they will wash it for you.
There you go, simple but essential ways to maintain car exterior. Make sure to keep your car’s exterior protected. Not everyone is lucky enough to change their car more often. And even if you are, there is no harm in protecting it. 



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