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10 Common bad Habits Damage your Car When Driving

10 Common bad Habits Damage your Car When Driving

CarWise, 1 year(s) ago | Categories: General Information

What are the common habits that damage your car when you're driving

When you start driving a car, you will require more and more habits. Most of these habits are no good to your car and might cause the damage to it. When you are driving you do things you may not know that they are bad habits that is why you will not realize what you are doing is wrong until someone else tells you. You can read the habits bellow, think what kind of habit do you have and try to fix it.

The habits vary and the first one to talk about is resting your hand on the gearstick.

  • The first thing that you get to learn when you start practicing driving is to keep your both hands on the steering wheels. However, by the time, there will be developments in your habits. Most of the drivers rest their hands on the gearstick, and this is not a good habit. This might cause a problem in shifting gears. Choosing the wrong gear is also a bad habit. Actually choosing the wrong gear happens from time to time unconsciously but to do it frequently is a big problem. For example, staying in the first gear for too long.

Ideally, it is better to rest for a short time is the first gear and then switch to second gear fast.

gear shifiting

  • The second bad habit is skipping gears. Many drivers skip gears from the second one straight to the fourth or fifth gear and this will cause huge damage due to the difference is each gear's speed. Changing the damaged parts are expensive so being careful and avoiding skipping is better.


  • The third bad habit to talk about is driving without the needed amount of fuel. Most of the drivers pay attention to the fuel level and driving without fuel is rarely to happen but it exists. The driver may think that this amount is enough but it is not, so this will cause him a problem. For the instant, driving without the needed amount when traveling by car might get you to stop on the road. That is why the driver should make sure the tank is at least half-filled with fuel.

driving without the needed amount of fuel

  • The fourth bad habit is shifting between "Revers" and "Drive" without stopping. Shifting them without stopping forces it to move the opposite direction, causing a lot of strain and damage to the process. Therefore, stopping before changing is better and safer for you and your car.

shifting between Revers and Drive

  • The fifth bad habit is neglecting warning lights. Well, many drivers do not pay any attention to the warning lights and they sometimes ignore them. Warnings such as "oil pressure" or "power steering fail" are very important to notice and make sure to investigate about them as soon as possible. However, warnings like "washer fluid" or "bulb gone" can be ignored until you get the chance to stop and fix them. Every driver has to make himself familiar with the dashboard to notice the problems immediately.

neglecting warning lights

  • The sixth habit,  Next, we have to hit potholes and speed bumps. The best for the driver to avoid the potholes in order not to cause damage to the car. Beside potholes, driving fast without slowing down when reach the speed bumps may cause damage and also can cause an accident which is very dangerous. The driver should always be careful spotting the potholes and slowing down when passing any speed bumps.


  • The seventh habit is revving the engine when cold. Drivers have to avoid revving the engine because the oil needs time to get warm. All vehicles start from cold so it is better to wait until it is getting warm. This gives the oil the time to warm and circulate around the engine and avoiding potential damage.

revving the engine when cold

  • The eights bad habit is the late brake. There are these times when you need to take an emergency stop for some reason. Late break will cause bad side effect on your body. It might wear out your pads and discs faster. It is better to avoid being a fast driver and always keep a safe distance between your car and other cars.

late car brake

  • The Least but not last, ignoring suspicious sounds is also a bad habit. We all know that by the time after using the car for a long time, cracking sounds will start to be clear and loud with other unusual sounds. These sounds should not be ignored at all because they are serious problems inside the car. Some of them might cause a car to break down in the middle of the road. Therefore, when the driver heard the sounds, he/she should ask a vehicle mechanic to check the car and identify the problem.

car noises

  • Finally, we have the last bad habit to talk about which is carrying extra weight. Actually, every car has its own stamina for weight and drivers should know the amount they can put on the car. The owners annual will often tell the car's maximum load weight. That will make the driver aware of how much luggage he/she should carry in total. If the driver is carrying unnecessary stuff in the car then he/she should think again about removing them. Stuff like extra headrests, floor mats, cushions, decorations, and water bottles are not very important to carry around everywhere the driver goes. It is better to put the needed items, stuff inside the car, and keep it lighter.

carrying extra weight on cars

          In short, after reading the previous advice and most common bad habits, I think you are aware of the dangerous things and bad once. It is better to read them more and more and keep them in mind. Bad habits are no good for you nor for your car. Although the habits are countless what is said previously will make you safe if you follow them.


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