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Car Maintenance Tips That Help To Sell A Car In Dubai Quickly

Car Maintenance Tips That Help To Sell A Car In Dubai Quickly

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Car Maintenance Tips That Help To Sell A Car In Dubai Quickly

If you own a car and are planning to sell it, then you would obviously want to sell it at the best rate possible. But, while all of us wish to sell our cars at higher prices, only a few of us are able to achieve that target. Why? Well, that’s because many of us fail to maintain our vehicles in proper shape and condition, which eventually forces us to sell our cars at low prices.

It is important to understand that a well-maintained car will fetch us an attractive price whereas if we neglect the vehicle and do not maintain it on a regular basis, it will result in massive wear and tears, causing the resale price to drop further. Here, find some relevant and important car maintenance tips that will help you to sell your car in Dubai quickly and comfortably.



Keep the Vehicle Well-covered

 One of the first and basic car maintenance tips is to ensure that your car is fully covered, especially when you are planning to park it outside the garage and in an open area. Remember, the sun’s light and heat can damage the vehicle’s painted exterior. Ideally, you should park your car in the garage or a parking area with an ample amount of shade. Given that this may not be possible on some occasions, you can choose to invest in a high-quality car cover and use the same to protect your vehicles from the harsh sunlight, bird droppings, and even the plant saps.


Keep the Servicing Details Intact

Another nice and easy way to ensure that your car is well-maintained is to stick to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule on a regular basis. Also, keep a record of the service history intact in one file and produce the same before your buyers to impress them. The servicing records will help you to establish the fact that your car has been maintained in accordance with the maintenance schedule and hence is in good condition. This would also help you to justify the price that you are demanding for your car and close the deal conveniently.


Professional car Cleaning

Professional Cleaning

No matter what you do, make sure that you opt for professional cleaners when it comes to cleaning your car. In fact, this is one of the most commonly offered car maintenance tips that every car owner should follow, particularly if they are looking to sell their vehicle quickly in Dubai.  Remember, how your car looks on the outside will go a long way in convincing the buyer whether he/she should be paying a high price for purchasing it or not. Since the exterior of the car is regularly exposed to certain elements like dust, dirt, and sunlight, hence it is important that you get the vehicle washed and waxed frequently. Hand over your car to professional cleaners once every month and get it thoroughly washed/cleaned to ensure that it remains in good shape.



Interiors Are Important Too

When it comes to following car maintenance tips, many car owners tend to forget about their vehicle’s interiors. Remember, no buyer will invest in your car, if he/she finds that your car’s interior is not in good condition. This is exactly why car owners must also emphasize on cleaning the inside areas of their cars. To keep your car’s interior well maintained, vacuum all the mats properly and also keep the seats clean. When your car’s interior is neat and fresh, it becomes easier to convince the buyer and secure a higher price after selling it. Apart from this, you must also keep the upholstery in appropriate condition. This can be achieved by washing and getting rid of the stains on the covers of the seat.



Keep Your Car Polished and Waxed

 One of the best car maintenance tips that you must implement to maintain a squeaky clean car is to get your vehicle polished and waxed regularly. Cars tend to shed their shine and luster over time, which is precisely why it is important to keep it well polished and waxed on a regular basis. It is equally important that you eliminate the grime, dirt, and dust that are found on the tires, rims, exterior mirrors, head, brake lights and windows of your car. In order to keep each of these parts clean, you must choose premium quality car cleaning products that do not damage its look and shine.


Wash Vehicle Windows

Wash Your Vehicle’s Windows

As already stated above, car owners must keep the windows of their car clean in order to sell their vehicle quickly and comfortably. When you wash the windows of your car regularly, it continues to retain its luster and look and remains in good condition. Car owners must also refrain from using ammonia based car cleaning products that tend to damage the tint on the vehicle’s windows. If you plan to sell your car in Dubai, then it is recommended that you use the right car cleaning product and wipe the window appropriately to get rid of dust and dirt.


Cleaning Car's Light

Don’t Forget the Lights

One of the most widely recommended car maintenance tips is to keep the lights of your car clean, especially if you are looking to dispose of your vehicle in UAE. In order to do this, you must brush the lights and use a generous amount of toothpaste as well as elbow grease to keep them neat and shiny.  This trick will help you to keep the lights both clear as well as less dim.


car air vents

Get Rid of Dirt and Dust from the Air Vents

If you intend to sell your car for an attractive price then make sure that you get rid of all the dirt and dust from your vehicle’s air vents. When you remove the dust from the air vents, your car’s AC emits clean air which eventually benefits your health. This is particularly important for those who have a conventional AC fitted within their cars.


cleaning car engine

Maintain the Engine too

Car owners who wish to sell their car in Dubai must also make an effort to keep their vehicle’s engine shiny and clean. Use pressure wash to clean your car’s engine when you find dust particles and grease on it. However, before using the pressure washing technique disconnect all the electrical wires, battery as well as the distributor and reconnect each part only after the engine has been appropriately cleaned and is dry.


washing car wheels

Wash Your Car’s Wheel and Keep them Inflated

You must never present a dirty car before the buyer. This is why it is crucial that you wash your car’s wheels and also keep them inflated to maximize its performance. Many car maintenance experts suggest that car owners must use good quality aluminum based wheel cleaners that do not contain any acid to keep the wheels clean and glowing.



Keep Your Car’s Cargo Area Clean too

Your car’s cargo area/section should be clean and well-maintained if you want to sell your car quickly in Dubai. Irrespective of whether your car has a small or large cargo area, you must clean and tidy it to leave a lasting impression on the buyers. Remember, no buyer will ignore a car that looks good both on the outside as well as inside. Hence, remover all the dust, waste items and dirt from the cargo section and keep the interiors spot clean to convince buyers to pay a good price for your car.


Other Quick Tips

In addition to following the above-mentioned car maintenance tips, you must also use some of the below mentioned quick tips to keep your car tidy and in good condition:

  • Keep your vehicle mechanically fit and repair any dents, scrapes or dings if you want to sell your car quickly.
  • Remove your personal stuff and belongings from the back seat and car shelves before handing it over to prospective buyers for a test drive. This way you can make the buyer
  • Make sure that the dashboard is clean too and get rid of any ash from the car ashtrays.
  • Turn to a mechanic to get your car thoroughly checked and request him to provide you with a detailed report about the vehicle's condition. This will help you to motivate buyers and secure the best price for selling your car.
  • Avoid speedy take-offs, extreme speeds, hard braking and driving on improper roads or terrains to keep the vehicle in good condition.
  • Make sure that the tire pressure is intact. This helps in improving the vehicle's fuel efficiency and also helps you to avoid unnecessary wear & tear.
  • Get your car's engine oil changed regularly. This will improve the engine's performance and life.



If you want to improve your car’s resale value and maintain it appropriately, then follow every tip listed in this article. Remember, maintaining a clean, shiny and sparkling car is beneficial in several ways. On one hand, you will end up improving your car’s longevity and on the other hand, you will face less of difficulty in convincing buyers to pick your car over others.




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