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Common Car Maintenance Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Common Car Maintenance Mistakes That You Should Avoid

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Common Car Maintenance Mistakes

Your car if not the most, is probably one of the most expensive possession you’ve got. And as such, it is highly essential that you take adequate care and maintenance to help it in the course of having a longest possible life, at least.

Obviously, to many who do not know much about cars, car maintenance might sound quite confusing. Apart from that, one might feel reluctant to spend exorbitantly on car repairs and maintenance.

However, whenever you neglect proper car maintenance, or you carry out the wrong maintenance, it might even cost you far more in the long run. Apart from that, it would also reduce the working life span of your vehicle.

Like many other car owners, you should be aware that having a functional vehicle requires a lot of commitment. After all, you do not expect yourself to hit the road at all times or allow it linger in your garage.

If you want your car to be smooth and as well efficient, then you need to engage in some car maintenance because that’s your safest bet. This implies that you need to do a routine check up on your car either in an auto shop or a car shop. Here, we’ll be revealing some of the most common car maintenance mistakes you should entirely avoid.

However, as much as you would prefer the optimum best for your vehicle, there are situations where specific vehicle maintenance procedures decide to go awry, and even instances where you tend to forgo specific repair.

Needless to say, all of these can amount to you damaging your car, and this is also at the detriment of your safety. To prevent the occurrences of dangerous or expensive blunders, it is quite advisable that you get more familiar with the car maintenance tips below. These tips apply to all Dubai cars. Let’s get started:

Ten Common Car Maintenance Mistakes

Not Checking the Pressure of Your Car Tire

Checking the Pressure of Your Car Tire

The pressures on tires aren’t just meant to avoid having flat tires. Although it is one of the reasons why you need to check the tire pressure at regular intervals, it is also a matter of concern to the fuel economy.

If you discover that your tires are under-inflated, your vehicle tends to consume more gas or fuel than the recommended. For tires, you are expected to rotate them regularly while also checking the air pressure. This eliminates and avoids imbalances in the tread wears on your car tires. Uneven tread wears can result in a wide range of issues such as irregular traction, vibration while driving, and damage to the steering and suspension parts.

More so, check your tire pressures every few months with a fuel gauge, and ensure that the tires remain what they are as contained in the owner’s manual.


Neglecting Oil Changes

Neglecting Oil Changes

It is true that newer cars would require fewer oil changes. While you do not feel they require oil changes at every 3,000 miles, they still do need constant oil changes. If you have just got a newer car and the oil light is absent, you are not expected to leave it longer than 8,000-10,000 miles before you go for oil changes.

In some instances, you might prefer to skip the regular oil changes and do it all together. Not changing vehicle oils can result in wearing out of the engine while leaving the engine less efficient. At the long run, your engine might finally break down.


Overlooking Your Tattered Brake Pads

Brake Pads

The mistake of not changing your brake pads when you’ve already noticed a sign of wear and tear can turn out being hazardous to your safety. Getting a brake pad replacement might be expensive, but leaving it unchanged for an extended period can make it wear down completely. Apart from that, it will begin to work away at the rotators, and that will even cost you bucks of dollars. Whenever you start to hear or observe the tell-tale squeaking noise, ensure that your brake pads are checked out.

Not checking of brake pads can result in accidents that you might have easily avoided if you had earlier replaced the brake pads with new ones. Some of the common signs you feel with frayed brake pads while driving your car include a deafening, screeching sounds that accompany your vehicle at every time you tend to apply the brakes while driving.


Ignoring Scheduled Maintenance


Whenever you check the owner’s manual of your vehicle, you’ll find it stated that you need to visit an auto shop for scheduled car maintenance. Yet, many car owners still blatantly ignore this basic instruction. You shouldn’t be one of them. After all, you’ll find all the necessary and required information about your vehicle in the owner’s manual. Keeping yourself with the knowledge of some crucial things might spare you some expensive repairs. In addition, when you strictly follow the instructions written in your vehicle's owner manual, it guarantees that your vehicle will always function seamlessly.


Ignoring Fluid Checks


Just as there is need to change your car oil regularly, other fluids are equally essential to ensure that your engine works smoothly and efficiently. Remember, these fluids are there for a purpose, and that’s the fact that they need to provide the smooth and efficient running of your vehicle. If you are skeptical about the kind of fluid recommended for your car, then you need to make the vehicle manual your best friend. Coolants, transmission fluids, brake fluids and many more are quite essential, and costly if you tend to ignore their relevance.


Not Changing Old and Dirty Filters

Car Engine Air Filters

Fuel filters and air are some of the cheap things to replace when it comes to car maintenance, but failing to do so can turn out causing a whole lot of problems. Not changing old or dirty filters can result in severe problems in the long run. For one, you might discover that some of the car sensors fail and this will amount to thousands of dollars for repairs. It is something you could actually do by yourself, but often, mechanics will throw it in with another replacement at no additional cost.


Not Changing Old Wipers

Changing Old Wipers

Incredibly, windshield wipers are cheap and extremely easy when it comes to replacement. Yet, the majority of Dubai car owners continues to drive in adverse weather conditions. They’ll be unable to see properly as a result of having old wipers. Check for streaks as well as cracks in the blade of your wipers at regular intervals. And if you are in doubt, make it your duty to replace them after every six months. It is also worth it to splash out for better quality wiper blades.


Opting for a Very Low-Cost Mechanic

It is true that you’ll want to save some money on repairs, and you might follow your instinct to visit some extremely economical car shop or auto shops. Unfortunately, there are obvious reasons why we have low-cost mechanics and the more expensive ones, and that main reason is the disparity in quality.

It isn’t worth it to satisfy the welfare of your vehicle by opting for less-economical mechanics due to their affordable services. This will, in turn, lead you to more costly repairs in the future. This doesn’t imply that you need to select the priciest, but it is quite safe to veer in the mid-range. In addition, whenever you need to have scheduled car maintenance in Dubai, do your home assignment, check some online reviews and request for referrals. This at least will give you an insight into the kind of car shops or auto shops to patronize.

Not Knowing the Basics

A full grasp of the basic car maintenance can significantly help you out in a tight spot. As a vehicle owner, the majority of the problems you encounter are unnecessary and simple. For instance, replacement of flat tires and knowing how to jump-start a car. To ultimately save yourself from the little money and a whole lot of hassle, you need to do some research and study the basics of car maintenance.

Filling the Engine with Incorrect Type of Oil

 Albeit, applying an incorrect type of oil may not necessarily result in engine failure, but it can still harm your engine and sacrifice its performance. At any point, the best is to ensure that you are using the correct oil in your engine. This will further prevent future damage on your vehicle engines.


There you have it! Perhaps a few of the common car maintenance mistakes you should avoid. However, being a vehicle owner is simple. There are a plethora of things you need to know, and one of them is the necessity to visit an auto shop or car shops regularly. This will help you ensure that your vehicle is in its prime condition.

Unfortunately, there are instances where these repairs won’t help at all. On the contrary, they can turn out posing a detrimental effect on your car. So, in order to prevent or avoid these common repair mistakes, you need to familiarize yourself the above tips.


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