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Driving Safely Through Rain in the UAE

Driving Safely Through Rain in the UAE

CarWise, 1 year(s) ago | Categories: Tips

How To Safely Through Rain in the UAE

The UAE seems like a desert and sand, which means that the weather is hot. However, UAE does not have extremely hot weather all the time, and it rains from time to time. Recently, rain and storms are frequently happening in the UAE. Drivers should be careful about driving their car to avoid getting into an accident or any dangerous situation. So many drivers drive under the rain without knowing the risk of it. There are various tips to follow and keep in mind that every driver should read to maintain their safety.


When it is raining, before driving, checking many things in the car is very important such as checking the tyres, brakes, wipers and windscreen, and lights. The first to check is tyres. Tyres might not work on wet roads that is why you have to make sure the treads of the tyres are deep because treads prevent water from gathering under the tyres. The deeper the treads, the safer it is. Then we have Brakes. They are very important to check. Your life could depend on them that is why you have to double check on them before the raining season hits, double the stopping distance, and be careful on wet roads. After brakes, we have wipers and windscreen. When it is raining, it is important to wipe the water so that the driver can see clearly through the windscreen. However, if you did not check them occasionally you will notice that they are not wiping the water and the outside is not clear to you. Besides, to see more clearly through the rain you need to check the lights. Headlamps, the tail lamp, and the blinkers should be working perfectly in order to use them while driving under the rain. Lights will help make your driving hours end without an accident because they will inform other drivers that there is a car driving in this place and will make the view clear for you while driving.


          When you start driving, there are several things you should maintain your safety. We all know that during the rain, the roads tend to be slippery. As a result, you should hold the steering wheel very tight and be careful while changing lanes. If it started raining while you are driving, then it is better to go to the nearest service station and wait until the rain stop. While you are going to the driving home or to the service station, you need to be careful. You have to double the safety distance between you and the vehicle ahead for your safety and that of others, always slow down and do not panic. Of course, it is so dangerous to drive 120km/h in rain, which also an irresponsible attitude. Reduce your speed to 40-50km/h and stay inside the lane. Another thing to keep in mind is to turn on the dipped headlights. Dipped headlights are important to clarify for you the way despite the heavy rain and it informs other drivers that there is a car near them. Nevertheless, do not drive with your hazard lights on. Many drivers use them in rainy or foggy days to make themselves visible but this dangerous and might confuse other drivers. Using hazard light might cause an accident because they are a sign for a car stop. So, avoid using them in these cases. Two more things to do which are turning the heater on because it will decrease the condensation that may build up on the inside of your car and the other thing is turning of the radio or reducing the volume of what you are listening to. That will help you hear another vehicle that you cannot see or you may hear someone warning you to stop. Moreover, it is useful to listen to traffic updates and weather forecast.


          In short, despite the weather changes, there are times with high risk when it rains or storms hit. You always need to read about driving tips so you would stay safe at-risk times. Drivers have to check the weather forecast so that they can be careful all way driving. If they want to sell their car later, they need to pay so much attention while driving so that the car will not be scratched or damaged. In addition, drivers' safety is important. That is why checking the car inside out before driving and being careful while driving is very important. When you read the tips, it is very helpful to follow all of them.


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