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Auto Accessories For Every Car Lover

Auto Accessories For Every Car Lover

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The car you drive will reflect your taste, personality and for obvious reasons will also reflect your style. Maybe with so many times in the automotive industry, you feel out of date or wanting to improve your precious car and continue to consider it your most precious possession.

The automotive market is loaded with many novelties and accessories that serve as dopamine for all car owners. Because of that and because we love cars as much as you do, we will make a list of the best accessories for cars below. All of them considered "must have" by all lovers of automotive accessories.

Let’s start with the list


It is quite annoying and uncomfortable to try to explain to the insurance company how the accident happened and above all make them believe that you were not the one responsible for the accident. And this is something that you can avoid making use of a camera, in this way it will not matter what kind of lies the third party involved in the accident says, you will have real proof of what happened.

Now, you cannot use any camera, that's why we've got the following model, which will surpass all your expectations.

This camera will record in 4K quality. It is an intelligent device that allows you to easily record and also transfer images from the device to your phone and also to the PC at home. It uses a magnetic pad that serves to be fixed on the dashboard of the car. It also tracks your GPS and speed to ensure everything is just when at the time of an accident.


This charger is one of the most compact and portable car chargers on the market, it gives you a slim design, which sits almost flush with the edge of where it connects. This will allow you to simultaneously load two devices and not only that if not at full speed with 2.4A in each USB port.

Its aluminum box is cleaner and premium than the plastic options on the market, so it brings with it a scratch resistance technology that will keep it looking new. It also has a series of safety guarantees and comes with a 12-month manufacturer's warranty.


The frustration that floods us to lose both your phone and keys is quite annoying.

This accessory is characterized by avoiding these headaches. It is as simple as consulting from the application or calling it from another cell phone to find where it is. On the opposite side if you lose your phone you can press the button that is included in the device. Even if you left it in silent mode, in case of emergency it will make a sound.


This is nothing more and nothing less than the smallest music receiver in the world. This device, called Firefly, allows you to transmit music from your smartphone to any device that has an AUX input.

You only have to connect your audio system and a USB power supply, and then pair the device with your smartphone. Once paired, Firefly can remember your device and automatically connect when it is close.


In the event that you travel for work and must answer calls every five minutes then it is likely that your battery will be consumed in less than a rooster sings.

This Scosche USB charger is very small and also fits perfectly to the cigarette lighter socket. It is compatible with all smartphones and also with all devices, in addition to having two ports so you can charge your tablet and your phone at the same time.

6. ThisWorx Portable Car Vacuum

If you have children or pets or in any other case you simply have everything unorganized, a vacuum cleaner for vehicles will facilitate the cleaning of the car and will become a perfect accessory car. This model of ThisWorx can be plugged into the 12-volt outlet of your vehicle and comes with a cable 16 feet long, this makes it useful for ordering a sports car or also a minivan. It's time to clean.

7. Foval 110V AC Power Inverter

Even though many new vehicles come with an indoor AC wall outlet, they mostly have a 12 volt outlet. This time we bring you a car accessory that turns that common 12 volt outlet into the 110 volt type by itself. In addition this model provides a plug and also 150 watts; There are also other models that have more power outlets and plugs but are usually more expensive. It also includes two USB ports capable of fast charging, at 3.1 amps.

8. Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler

Losing something in the abyss between your front seats and the center console is one of the most common problems.

This time something will be done about it. This product promises to avoid many future contortions of the hand, also those annoying occasional knuckles with the skin that appear as a product of lost changes, pens, telephones, keys or anything else that could fall in this triangle of the shorts that is in your car.

9. Airo Phone Mount

Although not using the cell phone while driving is a very important rule, a well-placed telephone support is something that can greatly facilitate the reproduction of music and also the navigation application from the steering wheel. This specific model can double as a wireless charger and, unlike many others, brings a 12 volt adapter.


Properly inflated tires can wear more evenly, and this increases the life of your rubber and also fuel efficiency. For this we recommend a series of Bluetooth meters which transmit this information directly to your smartphone.

This accessory for your car will let you know when your tire pressure is getting too low and will send you a notification directly to your phone. Its application comes with a manual so that the installation and use are much easier.


Chris is a digital assistant, similar to Amazon's Alexa, but in this case for drivers and car lovers. Its intelligent hardware defines it as a real copilot, which will be responsible for giving instructions, as well as reading messages, controlling music and accepting calls.

This accessory for your car connects to the windshield as a satellite navigator and is also combined with the mobile phone via Bluetooth. But the thing is, you do not need an internet connection to make it work.


Every car lover will need any of these auto accessories. Most of these accessories are necessary for anyone who wants to improve their car and wants to turn it into a car equipped to meet all their needs.

In addition to that, many of these accessories are not as expensive as others found in the market. Only some have a somewhat high price but only for its quality and its material and performance. Then investing in these accessories becomes a long-term investment, since you change your car you can still use all these accessories without any problem. Don´t waste more time and get ready to be the greatest owner and to give to you and to your car everything both of you need.


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