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Ceramic Coating for Cars

Ceramic Coating for Cars

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You would most definitely want your car to look as amazing as it did the day you drove it off the parking lot. However, despite your very best efforts to maintain and wash it at regular intervals, the chips, scratches and flakes of paint start spreading across the exterior of the car, and the finish is getting dulled by the heat and the sun. A lot of things attack the surface of your car starting from dust, dirt, mud, dirty rain, water spots, brake dust, as well as grime. Another thing to consider is that washing the car every time can be a boring and backbreaking job. This is where ceramic coating for cars comes in. Originally devised for the oil and the space industry, ceramic technology is no available for cars and it is a testament to its effectiveness.

What is a ceramic coating?

The best way to understand ceramic coating is to think of them like a second skin, a layer of protection over the coat of paint that your car has. Ceramic for cars utilizes nanotechnology; these are essentially very small particles that are not visible to the human eye. Because of the small size of the particles, when applied to the car’s paint surface, they are successful in sealing all the pores, making the surface hydrophobic or water resistant. The ceramic coating also is resistant to UV, scratches, extreme heat, chemicals, and also is anti-graffiti. On top of it, the ceramic layer is totally transparent and does not interfere with the color or shine of the car’s body.

The nano ceramic coating succeeds in forming a semi-permanent bond with the surface of the vehicle, creating a layer that will not go away or wash off due to cleaning or rain. They literally last for years and repel dirt and water very efficiently and this makes them easier to clean. The hardness of the ceramic coating makes it resist swirl marks and marring from washing.

Professional or DIY?

Both professional and DIY kits for ceramic coating are available in the market and it is up to you to choose which one you want to go for. The advantages are that it is relatively quite easy to apply nanoceramics; it offers very cost effective paint protection and produces very visible results. The disadvantages, on the other hand, are that it takes a lot of effort to prepare the car if the paint surface is poor, there are cheap substitutes that one must be aware of and not all companies offer adequate guidance and realistic results.

What does a nano-ceramic coating achieve?

  • A ceramic coating is hydrophobic in nature, it repels water. When you own a ceramically coated car, the hydrophobic effect of the coating will make the water bead up and roll off the surface along with dirt and grime. This demonstration is among the early ones for people who ask what ceramic coatings are.
  • A ceramic coating on the car will work much harder at repelling foreign substances and protect the surface of your vehicle much better than a normal paint job. Rainwater beads off the surface, snow and ice do not stick and mud also rolls off very easily.
  • A ceramic coating protects from UV damage, rust and oxidation. Those cars that are often exposed to the sun and the elements will have faded and dull appearances. The culprit is the ultraviolet rays of the sun that will cause oxidation to the paint of the car. A ceramic coating, on the other hand, will reduce the oxidation dramatically.
  • Ceramic coatings work much harder at protecting your vehicle’s surface as compared to an ordinary paint job. Ceramic coatings bond with the molecular structure of the paint and is not dislodged by any vibrations or external forces. These coatings can last years on end and go well past the 3-year mark if it is a DIY.

Advantages and Disadvantages of ceramic coating


  • The ceramic coating offers a very good coating to the surface of the car. The present nano-coating is effective in dealing with the majority of scratches, dirt as well as chemical contaminants. There are absolutely no side effects on ceramic coatings.
  • Ceramic coating lasts longer than regular paint. Because the ceramic coating is infused with the paint with strong chemical bonds, this protection stays even when there are heavy shocks and vibrations.
  • A ceramically coated car is much easier to clean and care for. The body panels will be quite smooth and there will not be any abrasions present. These kinds of surfaces offer no place for dirt to stick to, and even if there is dirt, a cloth sweep is good enough to get back the sparkle.
  • In earlier times, the shine to the car was provided by the method of waxing, but this process usually wears off after a certain amount of time. Ceramic coating also takes a long time to apply, but once in place it is there to stay and has an excellent and lustrous presence.
  • Because of its long life, the ceramic coating is highly cost-effective. On top of all the aforementioned advantages, ceramic coating for cars makes the vehicle look much better.


  • The price of ceramic coating is quite high and few can afford it.
  • The ceramic coating application takes quite a bit of time. If you have plans of doing ceramic coating on the car, expect the vehicle to be gone for at least 3 days. Additionally, if the process is not done exactly as required, then the result will look worse than the original paint of the car.

What does a ceramic coating NOT do?

The scratch resistant qualities of ceramic coatings are often much exaggerated. Even as some small scratches can be repelled, rock chips and parking lot scratches are something ceramic coatings will not be able to ward off. If the washing technique is wrong, there exists the possibility of swirl marks being created.

A drop of water will contain a certain amount of dirt as well as minerals. While the water evaporates on the surface of your vehicle, the minerals are left behind and in the process create visible spots. So do not rule out water spots even though you have a ceramic coating on your car.

Just because you have a ceramic coating on your ride does not mean that you can get by with no maintenance. Your car will require minimal maintenance if you are to realistically harbor hopes of maintaining its look. The benefit the ceramic coating offers is that the cleaning procedure is going to be easier and faster.


Ceramic for cars is a concept that is catching up really fast because of the many advantages that it offers. Like any new technology it has its pros and cons, but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Getting a ceramic coating done along with stuff like window films will ensure that your ride is one of the smoothest in the neighborhood. We think it is a good idea if you could visit a car detailing business and get up close to see how the ceramic coating is applied and how it translates into so many advantages. Once you see the pros at work, you might be convinced to give it a try on your own vehicle.


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