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How to avoid car theft

How to avoid car theft

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Normally most of us do not see the prevention of car theft as necessary until we are affected by it. Therefore, learning to prevent will provide us with long-term security and peace of mind.

A criminal does not take more than a few minutes to disassemble the parts of his car or to find ways to take it. It is important to make a car a non-attractive target for car thieves.

Remember that the faster your car is to steal, then the more attractive it will be.

Car thieves types

In order to apply our advice you must know what kind of threat you are dealing with, since there are different thieves looking for different things from your car

Professional Thieves

  • The majority of car thefts are carried out by professional thieves.
  • Normally they have preference for high performance cars, less exotic and more popular with parts that are interchangeable.
  • They also change the cars that they steal to be dismantled and thus sell their parts
  • In the case of more specialized thieves, they steal cars to export them to other countries, often these cars have been ordered previously.


These are the thieves who prefer the high performance or luxury cars, usually they are cars that are usually recovered by their owners but have significant damage, because they are stolen for the enjoyment of the car and are often abandoned on the road or even crashed.

Bump-and-Rob thieves

These are the famous car hijackers who hit your car in the back and then proceed to steal it when you get out of the car to look for the results of the car. You should always be aware of these types of things since they are more common than they seem.

Advices to avoid car thief

1. Keep track of your keys

In the event that you have already been the victim of the theft, the first thing the police will proceed to ask you is if you have your keys. Many times people usually hide their keys in the same car or are usually not aware of the places where they leave their keys.

Criminals know this trick so being so obvious can be a judgment dictated by you.

You should also remember who has copies of your car keys and, if possible, recover them as soon as possible; no one other than you should own those keys.

The fact that the thief can get the keys so easily will simply make everything easier for that thief.

2. Park intelligently

When parking, it is recommended that it be in a well-lit area that will also help to deter criminals, as well as parking near security cameras or near the entrance of buildings, where any type of theft would be visibly detected.

Also the parking garages are very safe, especially those that have more prestige.

3. Secure your vehicle

Whenever you proceed to park your car, regardless of whether it is in your own way of access or not, close the windows and make sure to close the doors and check the boot.

Although it seems quite obvious, it is very easy to forget about this kind of thing. Try not to leave the windows half open during the summer, remember that the heat will go from one moment to another but the consequences of a theft are worse. These are suggestions for all members of the family and for those who also use their car.

4. Don’t keep valuables in your vehicle

The number of times people steal their wallets, cell phones and valuables from their purses is impressive.

If you leave your ipad or cellphone or purse at a glance in the front seats, it is super attractive for any criminal.

However, it is not only that, since even a simple ticket can be a cell phone for a crime to be committed and it breaks into your car. Then once the criminal is inside your car, you can simply decide to take the car. If possible, leave your valuables at home.

5. Forbidden to leave the car running

Almost half of car thefts could have been avoided if the driver and owner of the vehicle take the necessary precautions such as turning off the car engine if it is not running or if you decide to get off somewhere. Many times people get up, turn on their car and return home to find everything necessary or to get ready, leaving the car open with the keys inside it.

Although this may seem obvious, it is more common than it seems. In fact, in some countries it is forbidden to do this. But if in your country it is not equal it is good to prevent accidents.

6. Use a physical anti-theft device

Normally the best insurance companies offer vehicles with anti-theft devices. These devices include vehicle immobilizer systems which prevent thieves from connecting your car. You can also try to acquire one at the nearest automobile store or through a purchase-sale page.

Regardless of the area where you live this is really important, remember that it is always better to prevent than to regret.

7. Set up High Quality Security Cameras

Security systems and cameras outside your home is the best thing to do.  You can avoid car theft in your home even if you are not there, by having the opportunity to call the police, alert a neighbor or tell someone close to your house what is happening.

8. Install a Car Alarm

Car alarms are very common and usually provide unsurpassed safety to the car owner.

Sometimes people do not usually pay attention to this sound because it is so standard, but for you who are the owner of the car, it is not necessary to install it. The important thing is that this alarm frightens the thief and in this way frustrates his intent of theft as he is being exposed.

9. Get a GPS Tracking System for Car Theft Prevention

Investing in a GPS tracking system for car theft prevention is an excellent decision and choice. It is a system that is integrated into the car so that thieves cannot deactivate it.

In this way you could track your car wherever you are and maybe you could get it back.

10. Maintain Your Car Properly

Keeping your car in good condition, even if it does not seem like it, is a good way to prevent theft. Since this could be interpreted by the criminal as a car difficult to steal because you worry about it and because of this it is very likely that they do not even try to break into it.


It is true that sometimes it is difficult to avoid the inevitable, but nevertheless taking precautions is never done and surely more than once will be able to save you from different havoc and bad times. For this the best thing you can do is take all the necessary precautions and protect your integrity and your car with all your strength.


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