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Should i buy a new or used car in Dubai

Should i buy a new or used car in Dubai

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 New Or Used Car In Dubai

Investing in a car is obviously an important decision, especially for those who have limited cash at their disposal. If you are planning to purchase a car in Dubai, then you could either buy a new one or a used one based on your requirement as well as the budget. In other words, if your budget is limited then you can search for used cars in Dubai. On the other hand, if money is not a concern and you want the best features in your car, then turn to dealers who provide new cars for sale in Dubai. In this article, we have discussed some useful tips for purchasing both new and used cars in UAE.

Investing in a New Car

When you invest in a new car, you get a vehicle in top condition with no damage, dents or scratches. Fresh from the factory, the vehicle offers excellent performance on road with both the exterior and interior parts in good condition. Hence, when it comes to buying a new car, it is important that you conduct extensive research to select the best car from among different models and make available in the market. Once you have finalized the design/model that you wish to purchase, search for dealers who offer new cars in Dubai. The next step is to compare each of them and identify the ideal dealer for purchasing your preferred car. Based on your requirement, you can discuss the various finance schemes available before you and pick the model that you wish to drive. Finally, don’t forget to get your new car registered as well as insured to be able to drive the car in Dubai.

It must be noted that purchasing a new car in the UAE is convenient and cheap when compared to several other nations around the globe. The cost of a new car varies in accordance with the model as well as the company that manufactures it. Also, dealers that sell car online Dubai-wide include the annual registration fee as well as the insurance fee in the total cost of a new car. Apart from this, you will also have to take the maintenance and fuel cost into consideration to determine the overall cost of owning a new car in the UAE.

Purchasing a Used Car in Dubai

If you don’t wish to spend a lot of money on buying a car, then you can consider searching for dealers who provide used cars for sale in Dubai. In fact, if you are a new motorist or still a learner, then it is always a good idea to buy used cars in Dubai. Remember, a used car is much cheaper when compared to a new car and will come handy when you are still learning how to drive a car. However, before you search for used cars Dubai companies, don’t forget to conduct extensive market research. While, there are many companies that offer used cars in Abu Dhabi, not all of them are reputed and reliable. In addition to this, when you come across a used car that matches your requirements then get it thoroughly checked by an expert mechanic or used car inspection expert. Below, take a look at some of the aspects that you need to keep in mind when it comes to investing in a used car in UAE.

Dig Deeper into the Numbers:

One of the first steps to buying a used car in Dubai is to dig deeper into the numbers. This means that you must acquire the used car’s history details. Apart from getting it fully inspected by a mechanic, you must carry out research to determine its resale value as well as the actual market value. Also check if the used car’s engine, chassis as well as VIN numbers are tallying with the vehicle’s documents or not.

Appearance Matters:

The car for sale in Dubai that you are planning to invest in must look good from the outside. Check the car to spot scratches, dent as well as dings. Each of these would cause the price of the car to drop lower further. This is because you will have to spend money to get them repaired and hence you can negotiate the price with the private seller or dealers selling the car in Dubai. In addition to this, you must also check the car’s brakes and tyres to determine whether they are worn out or in good condition. Also, determine whether the tyres are from the same brand/manufacturer or not.

Check the Vehicle’s Mechanic:

Ask your car inspection expert to check the vehicle’s mechanics. Typically, your mechanic should check whether there is any rust in the chassis or not or if the engine leaks fluids. If you find instances of black smoke or blue smoke, then it implies that there is a problem with the car’s engine. Given such a scenario, it is always a good idea to look for another used car that is in appropriate condition.

Scan the Interior of the Car:

Many Dubai used cars for sale providers or private sellers will want you to pay a high price for a vehicle with damaged or improper interiors.  This is why you must sit inside the car and check if the interiors are in good condition or not. Check if the seats have been refurbished or whether they are damaged or not. Also, find out if the radio is working and the lights, as well as signals, are functional or not. Check the number of kilometres (distance) that the car has already travelled and if all those details have been clearly mentioned in the vehicle’s documents or not. It is also advisable that you check the car’s switches to determine whether they are all working fine or not. Another thing that you must check is whether the car’s AC is working appropriately or not.

Don’t forget to Test Drive:

No matter what you do, make sure to test drive your car to determine whether it is worth investing in or not. During the ride, check if the car is producing any unusual sounds or if you are able to change the gears smoothly or not. If you feel that your ride was smooth and comfortable, then you can proceed further with the negotiations. If not, then look for other Dubai cars for sale.

Final Words

To sum up, whether you choose to buy a new car or a used car, the decision should entirely depend on your reasons for purchasing the car and how you plan to use it. If you have been driving for a long time now and would want to own the best model or make, then a new car is definitely a good option. But, if you are new to driving and would want to experience real-life driving situations before investing in your own brand new car, then consider investing in a used car. Buyers who choose to invest in a used car can get their favourite car at a low price. Apart from this, there isn’t much paperwork involved in purchasing a used car in Dubai. However, before you purchase a used car, you must get it thoroughly inspected for performance, looks and features and pay only if you find the vehicle’s condition to your satisfaction.


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