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Simple DIY Car Fixes That Can Help You Save Time And Money

Simple DIY Car Fixes That Can Help You Save Time And Money

CarWise, 1 year(s) ago | Categories: Tips, Car Maintenance

Simple DIY Car Fixes 

Being a car owner means that you have a lot of comfort and ease of travelling. However, it also means that at times you will be inconvenienced by car problems and it is not always that you can find a nearby mechanic to set things right. Here are some simple DIY car fixes that you can try on your car. They are both time and money saving. Read on;

Air filter replacement

 The performance of your car will suffer from clogged air filters. In order to increase the power and mileage, you should change the air filters. It is one of the easiest DIY repairs for your car.

Oil Change

 Given that certain precautions are taken, it is easy to change the oil. Do not attempt it after a long drive because the oil will be hot. Wait at least a couple of hours after driving to change the oil. A DIY oil change will require a rachet, oil filter, funnel, wrench, new oil and an oil container.

Spark Plugs

 Changing the spark plugs is one of the easiest DIY car fixes. It makes the car drive smoother and entails better fuel consumption. You should also check the plug wires while changing the spark plugs.

Windshield wipers

 Replace the worn out strips of the old rubber on the windshield wipers with new ones. Windshield wipers should be changed for optimal driving conditions during rain. You will need screwdrivers and new wipers to complete this DIY car fix.

Headlight bulbs

 among methods for saving money on fixing cars is the change of headlight bulbs, check the front of the car for headlight bulbs that need replacement. If the car does not have sealed beam headlights then it is an easy DIY for you to do.

Dangling exhaust pipes

 If you are hearing extra noises coming from the back of the car, it could be due to dangling exhaust pipes. Most cars have rubber loops to hold the exhaust pipes in place, look under the car for broken hangers in the exhaust pipe and change if needed.

Brake pads

 brake pads should always be kept in optimal condition to prevent accidents and injury. The brake pads are an integral part of the braking system and should always be properly maintained. You will need a c-clamp, lug wrench, hammer, jack and Allen wrench to get the job done.

Fuel filters

 Fuel filters cost very little but can save hundreds of dollars in engine damage if they are changed regularly. Fuel filters are important in that they keep fuel injection and carburetor systems clean and in optimal working condition. In order to prevent damage or injury, release the fuel system pressure before changing the fuel filters.

Car radiator

 The cooling systems of automobiles and the radiator should be cleaned at regular intervals to keep the engine of your car cool. Deposits can build up in the radiator and clog the cooling system. You should perform regular radiator flushes to keep the cooling system in tip-top condition. You should check that the engine is cool before flushing the radiator.

Plug tires

 There is a debate between car experts whether it is better to plug or patch tires. However, both these options should be used as temporary measures while you take the car to have the tire changed. Tire plugs can be purchased at low prices and the job of plugging the tire is an easy DIY.

Fuel gauge sender

 If you are always running low on gas, the fuel tank gauge will need replacing. A lot of cars have these units located under the seats. You should consult the owner’s manual to locate the position of the fuel sender unit and if it is accessible, change it accordingly.

Brake discs

 Warped brake discs should be changed with the brake pad replacement to save on time and energy. Warped brake discs have the potential to damage the entire axle of the car if it is not corrected in time.

Stripped screw removal

 If you have inadvertently damaged a screw’s head proper steps need to be taken to remove it. We suggest that you use a drill to remove stripped screws with diameters to drill a hole in the head center of the screw. After the head is separated from the body, it will become easy to remove the screw.

Blown fuses

 If the lights in the car are not working, it could be due to a blown fuse. You should check the fuse box of the car to see which one needs to be replaced. There are three types of fuses; glass tube, blade or ceramic. Consult the car owner’s manual to locate the fuse box and the type of the fuse.

Car signal relays

 It is easy to troubleshoot turn signals. Bad turn signals can force turn signals to stop working so check the signal relay setup of the car for correcting any turn issues.

Car Batteries

 Batteries are at the core of the car’s electrical system. You should use approved gloves and protective eyewear to protect yourself from the acid in the batteries. Use a voltmeter to check the old battery to see if it has charge, those batteries which register less than 9.7 volts while starting the engine should be replaced with new batteries for optimal performance.

Seat belts

 The law requires seat belts to be used to protect against injuries in the event of an accident. You cannot afford to overlook this simple yet crucial part of the car’s mechanism. Seat belts and seat belt retractors can be effectively replaced with the proper set of screwdrivers and all you have to do is to remove the covers and place new ones in them. Also, do not forget to test the seat belts to see if they are working properly.

Window belt strips

 The window belt strip should be visually inspected to check for missing parts, cracking or any other signs of damages that would warrant a replacement. If not kept in top condition, worn out window strips can cause water damage, something that you should keep an eye out for.

Serpentine Belts

 You should check under the hood of the car or in the engine compartment for locating the serpentine belt routing layout. You need to locate and loosen up the belt tensioner in order to remove the serpentine belt. You have to keep in mind that the new serpentine belt has to be installed in the same manner as the routing of the old serpentine belt. After installation of the belt, check it for tension and make the necessary adjustments.

Tire replacement

 Tire replacement is one of the most common DIY car fixes that car owners do. Car manufacturers provide the jack and other necessary tools to remove the damaged tire and replacing it with a new one. However, the car tire balancing is something that a professional has to do after the tires have been changed.

These car fixes and car fixing tips will help you in saving money on fixing cars and will help you in your good car valuation. You might find these fixes to be a tall order at first, but spend some time in familiarization with the vehicle and you will see that these fixes are quite easy and if you put your mind to it they are simple to do. You will gain confidence by knowing that you need not to have to fork out money to the mechanic all the time for repairs to your car.



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