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What Are Paint Protection Films

What Are Paint Protection Films

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All About Paint Protection Films

You are about to buy a new vehicle and chances are that you never want the look of the car to change. Unfortunately, over time the surface of the car i.e. the painted surface begins to show signs of distress. This is brought about by airborne debris, dirt, dust and sand. These particles cause abrasion to the paint of the car and leave behind unsightly streaks and scratches. Modern times and new technology offers you new hope though. It is called paint protection films and ppf for cars which is in vogue today as a very effective deterrent against scratches and abrasions. Read on to find out more about paint protection films and why they are vital for the appearance of your car.

Reasons to go for paint protection films

Pain protection films are a means of safeguarding your car paint from the elements, key marks, stone chips and sand with a clear layer of plastic which is invisible. The idea of the concept is that you save regular trips to the scratch repair man with the installation of paint protection films. Here are a few solid reasons why you should invest in ppf for cars.

  • Paint protection keeps the vehicle in showroom quality: Even though you follow all the standard operating procedures like washing the car, cleaning it and polishing with wax, there is no protection to the paint coat on the car when you are driving at a good pace. No amount of healthy maintenance habits can protect your car from road debris. Similarly, no wax or clear coat can afford protection like paint protection films do. The ppf for cars creates a permanent and physical barrier between the vehicle and the sundry dangers of the road. The original quality of the paint is preserved and this keeps the vehicle shining like new.
  • The paint protection film is totally transparent: If you have been wondering that paint protection layer comes with an aesthetic price, you are wrong. The paint protection film is totally transparent, the reason why some people call them “clear bra”. The coating is totally invisible to the naked eye and the paint of your car will be just as shiny and glossy as it was after purchase. Rather, the paint protection film will enhance the look of your car.
  • You derive more enjoyment from the vehicle: Owning a brand new car is a great experience, nothing can match the thrill of taking it on a spin down the highway. Similarly, it can be a big let -down if debris on the road damages the paintwork of the car, leading to unsightly scratches and nicks. If you have Paint protection film in place, you will have total peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your car is protected against road debris, sand and dust particles. It will be you and your vehicle, as it should be. You will start enjoying the ride without any unnecessary worries.
  • Vehicle resale value is retained: A car that has paint protection film in place is going to look brand new in comparison to another car of the same vintage and make and mileage. This helps you a great deal when you are looking to sell off your vehicle and will garner you a nice and tidy sum which you might not have received had the car been without a paint protection film. The second owner of the vehicle will be just as delighted as you with the ownership of a car that looks like it just rolled out of the showroom.

The lowdown on paint protection films

The paint protection film is a tough, clear, flexible acrylic urethane or a polyurethane film. It is applied to the surface of cars. The film is designed to protect the paint of the car from environmental contaminants, gravel, stone chips, bird lime, insects, minor abrasions and scratches. Paint protection films were originally designed for use in the Vietnam War, being applied to the easily susceptible helicopter rotor blades.

Paint protection film fitting

Almost all installers will use templates that are predesigned to achieve a perfect fit for your car. The bodywork will have to be carefully cleaned and prepped up for the application of the film. Each particular section will have to be applied with the hands by using water and a slip solution to slide the film easily into position. After the film is in its place, the liquid underneath it is slowly squished out. Some companies will wrap the film around the edges while others will leave it flush with the edge.

As the car owner, you have the luxury of deciding whether to cover the entire car with a paint protection film or just do the vulnerable portions like the wheel arches, bonnet and the bumpers. The time taken for the fitting varies proportionally with the area of the surface to be covered, and fitting can take from half a day to a couple of days for the more flashy cars.

Maintenance and replacement

Care for your ppf car in the same manner as you would any normal car. Wash it, wipe it down and wax it to make the body shine. If you are going to use a pressure washer, then we recommend a bit of caution.

If a section of the paint protection film gets damaged, you can peel off the damaged piece with a little gentle heat from a hair dryer and get a new section installed from the fitters. And a word of caution; just because you have a paint protection film on your car does not mean that you can throw rocks at it and get away with it. The surface of the paint and even the bodywork of the car will be damaged. To avoid such scenarios treat your car with care and it will respond to you.

The bare facts

The paint protection film is the most comprehensive form of defense that can be established on the surface of your car. The film has high impact resistance and its application will protect the paint of the car from chips and scratches caused by flying debris on the road. The urethane film is resistant to acidic contaminants and corrosion and thus will protect from etchings and chemical stains like bug splatter, bird droppings, acid rain or mineral deposits. The paint of the car is susceptible to fading; paint protection film will prevent this by creating a resistant coating. The topmost layer of the film consists of elastomeric polymers which return to its original shape after being stretched or squished. This is of great help with small scratches which literally disappear on paint protection films.


Paint protection films are one of the most advanced technologies that can be harnessed for the quality upkeep of your prized car. Being possessed of various different qualities, paint protection films are very useful in keeping off scratches, spots and marks when the vehicle is on the road. Another very useful and radical development is the ceramic coating of cars that chemically bonds with the vehicle’s factory coating and creates a layer of extra protection. Developments like these in the automotive world are really exciting as they show what advanced technology is really capable of. The future is bright, get in and strap on for the ride!


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