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Car Maintenance Tips That Help To Sell A Car In Dubai Quickly

By CarWise, 26 day(s) ago | Categories: Car Maintenance
If you own a car and are planning to sell it, then you would obviously want to sell it at the best rate possible. But, while all of us wish to sell our cars at higher prices, only a few of us are able to achieve that target. Why? Well, that’s because many of us fail to maintain our vehicles in proper shape and condition, which eventually forces us to sell our cars at low prices. ...
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How to check my car value if it is damaged

By CarWise, 1 month(s) ago | Categories: Selling cars In UAE
You are driving and making a legal turn on the corner, suddenly someone in rush shows up out of nowhere from the corner and bombes into your car. After having a car accident that damaged your vehicle you start wondering about its new value and what to do, how to fix it or replace it or if it is the right time for you to let your car goes with the totaling option, we are here to supply you with the best option available to your case....
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History matters when it comes to buying a vehicle

By CarWise, 1 month(s) ago | Categories: Selling cars In UAE
Buying a car is a very significant purchase for people. Most of them when they purchase a vehicle, they tend to focus on every single detail that is sometimes trivial first such like car color, new versus used, special features; and on other times on serious things that are more important than the trivial things....
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Traffic Fines You Should Know In The UAE

By CarWise, 2 month(s) ago | Categories: General Information
Driving is a challenge, especially to those who drive in busy roads. However, there are drivers who are not used to drive on busy roads and there are those who are beginners in driving....
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Driving Safely Through Rain in the UAE

By CarWise, 3 month(s) ago | Categories: Tips
The UAE seems like a desert and sand, which means that the weather is hot. However, UAE does not have extremely hot weather all the time, and it rains from time to time...
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10 Common bad Habits Damage your Car When Driving

By CarWise, 3 month(s) ago | Categories: General Information
When you are driving you do things you may not know that they are bad habits that is why you will not realize what you are doing is wrong until someone else tells you...
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