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How to avoid car theft

By CarWise, 7 month(s) ago | Categories: Tips, General Information
Normally most of us do not see the prevention of car theft as necessary until we are affected by it. Therefore, learning to prevent will provide us with long-term security and peace of mind....
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Auto Accessories For Every Car Lover

By CarWise, 8 month(s) ago | Categories: General Information
The automotive market is loaded with many novelties and accessories that serve as dopamine for all car owners. Because of that and because we love cars as much as you do, we will make a list of the best accessories for cars below. All of them considered "must have" by all lovers of automotive accessories....
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Abandoned Luxury cars in Dubai

By CarWise, 8 month(s) ago | Categories: General Information
Dubai is a wealthy nation where a number of people drive their own cars. But, one of the biggest problems being faced by the country is that of abandoned cars. In fact, you’ll find a number of people abandoning their cars at the airport’s car parking area....
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Traffic Fines You Should Know In The UAE

By CarWise, 12 month(s) ago | Categories: General Information
Driving is a challenge, especially to those who drive in busy roads. However, there are drivers who are not used to drive on busy roads and there are those who are beginners in driving....
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10 Common bad Habits Damage your Car When Driving

By CarWise, 1 year(s) ago | Categories: General Information
When you are driving you do things you may not know that they are bad habits that is why you will not realize what you are doing is wrong until someone else tells you...
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