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Simple DIY Car Fixes That Can Help You Save Time And Money

By CarWise, 10 month(s) ago | Categories: Tips, Car Maintenance
Being a car owner means that you have a lot of comfort and ease of travelling. However, it also means that at times you will be inconvenienced by car problems and it is not always that you can find a nearby mechanic to set things right. Here are some simple DIY car fixes that you can try on your car. They are both time and money saving. Read on;...
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Should i buy a new or used car in Dubai

By CarWise, 10 month(s) ago | Categories: Tips, Selling cars In UAE
Investing in a car is obviously an important decision, especially for those who have limited cash at their disposal. If you are planning to purchase a car in Dubai, then you could either buy a new one or a used one based on your requirement as well as the budget...
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Things That Will Ensure You Get More Cash for Your Car in the UAE

By CarWise, 10 month(s) ago | Categories: Tips, Selling cars In UAE
If you want to sell your car in the UAE, you will definitely find many takers for your vehicle. The question is if you will be able to make a tidy sum from the sale of your car. Yes, it is very much possible to get a handsome figure by selling your car. ...
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Driving Safely Through Rain in the UAE

By CarWise, 1 year(s) ago | Categories: Tips
The UAE seems like a desert and sand, which means that the weather is hot. However, UAE does not have extremely hot weather all the time, and it rains from time to time...
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