Our local & international car buyers make us the best car buyer in UAE


What documents are required to sell my car
Car registration card , original id or passport.
How long do I need to have owned the vehicle before selling it to you
You can sell it whenever you want, even next day.
Can I sell my non-running car
Yes , we buy any car even if its not working
Do you buy insurance write off cars
No we don’t buy it but you can refund your insurance
Where do I drop my car off
To our location , Gold and Diamond Park .Dubai
Why is a vehicle inspection needed to figure out the value of a car
We need to make sure that the car in good condition otherwise the car value will not be the same .
What happens during a vehicle inspection
We test drive the car and we check engine, gearbox, AC, and all the major parts of the car, also we check buddy damage and paint quality.
Do you buy any car models
Yes any model
What can I expect during an appointment with Car wise
Expect the highest rate for your car
What do we do with your personal information
No one can access your personal information
How do I sell a deceased person's car
The court must decide who is the beneficiary then It can be transferred only in RTA
Can I sell a car on behalf of a family member or friend
No you cannot unless you have power of attorney .
Can I sell a deceased relatives car
No you can not
Can I sell a car on behalf of a company
For company cars we need a stamped letter From the company signed by the authorised person and the trade licence copy and signature copy paper.
What if I don’t have my vehicle registration card
You need to apply for new one, its an easy process , it takes 5 minutes in any RTA , 40 AED cost.
What if the vehicle registration card is not in my name
In this case you need a power of attorney from the owner of the car
How long will it take to sell my car to you
15 to 20 minutes
How long will it take to get my payment and how will I get paid
You will get the payment after 20 minutes , you can chose between cash and cheque or bank transferee
My car is worth more than your offer. Do you offer another option on how I can get a favourable resale value
We make sure to offer you the best price in the market, we have another option to sell the car on behalf of you if we think that we can get more value for your car
Can I sell an import car
Yes you can
What if my car is registered outside the UAE
In this case you need to go to RTA to register the car under your name first then you can complete the sell
Are There any fees for evaluation or selling my car to you
No fees , its totally free even if we did not buy the car