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Tag: Car Maintenance Tips


What Are Window Films

By CarWise, 10 month(s) ago | Categories: Tips, Car Maintenance
If you are living in a hot country like the UAE, window films on your car windows should be number 1 in your list of priorities. Besides being an aesthetic improvement on your car, the window film also provides a number of functional improvements to your car....
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What Are Paint Protection Films

By CarWise, 11 month(s) ago | Categories: Tips, Car Maintenance
Modern times and new technology offers you new hope though. It is called paint protection films and ppf for cars which is in vogue today as a very effective deterrent against scratches and abrasions. Read on to find out more about paint protection films and why they are vital for the appearance of your car....
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Ceramic Coating for Cars

By CarWise, 11 month(s) ago | Categories: Tips, Car Maintenance
A lot of things attack the surface of your car starting from dust, dirt, mud, dirty rain, water spots, brake dust, as well as grime. Another thing to consider is that washing the car every time can be a boring and backbreaking job. This is where ceramic coating for cars comes in. Originally devised for the oil and the space industry, ceramic technology is no available for cars and it is a testament to its effectiveness....
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How To Minimize Sand Damage To Your Car In The UAE

By CarWise, 11 month(s) ago | Categories: Tips
When you have lived in the UAE for a number of years, you must have had a love-hate relationship with sand. This coarse and abrasive element wreaks havoc during sandstorms and can often bring life to a standstill. As a resident of the UAE, you might have a fleet of fancy cars, but if you do not know how to maintain them, you stand the risk of damaging your vehicle unknowingly...
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Simple DIY Car Fixes That Can Help You Save Time And Money

By CarWise, 12 month(s) ago | Categories: Tips, Car Maintenance
Being a car owner means that you have a lot of comfort and ease of travelling. However, it also means that at times you will be inconvenienced by car problems and it is not always that you can find a nearby mechanic to set things right. Here are some simple DIY car fixes that you can try on your car. They are both time and money saving. Read on;...
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Common Car Maintenance Mistakes That You Should Avoid

By CarWise, 1 year(s) ago | Categories: Car Maintenance
Your car if not the most, is probably one of the most expensive possession you’ve got. And as such, it is highly essential that you take adequate care and maintenance to help it in the course of having a longest possible life, at least. Obviously, to many who do not know much about cars, car maintenance might sound quite confusing. Apart from that, one might feel reluctant to spend exorbitantly on car repairs and maintenance....
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